Comment Policy

I think it’s important that I lay out a comment policy so that you, my readers, can know what it is that I will tolerate, and what I will not tolerate.

  1. All are welcome to post here, provided that you follow the other rules below. I want to encourage discussion, and don’t want to shut it down.
  2. Please keep the conversations civil. Flame wars, and other abuse, is about the only thing I will not tolerate. Failure to keep your conversations civil will result in a warning, and then a ban.
  3. All first posts by users are moderated. This is simply to stop spammers. After your first post is approved, all subsequent posts should not need to wait for moderation.
  4. Please keep your comments on topic. I reserve the right to remove any off topic comments.
  5. Swearing, and otherwise “blue” language, is permitted. I’m not offended by people swearing, but again, please try to keep the conversations civil.
  6. Please try not to write an entire novel when making a comment. If the points are relevant, that’s fine, but try to make your posts as concise as possible.
  7. I will generally not alter your comments after you have posted them. I do this because I don’t want to misrepresent you.
  8. You are free to reference the Bible, if you wish; however, please make sure that you limit your quotations as much as possible, and provide a link if you’re quoting a larger chunk of text. I reserve the right to remove your Bible quote, and provide a link to text instead.
  9. Please don’t proselytize in the comment section. Many non-Christians were once Christians, and have heard this stuff before (many times.)
  10. Be aware that I may ask you to cite your sources for certain claims. Failure to provide a source may result in the comment being removed.
  11. Please do not use multiple identities when posting. It’s important that people understand who is talking, and who they are dealing with.
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