I’m a middle age skeptic, and have been an atheist for about 20 years. I care deeply about what people believe, and why we believe what we do. I find the topic of the Great Debate to be fascinating as there are so many diverse views on the subject, and I find myself encountering ideas that I’m unfamiliar with. I mostly deal with countering Christian apologetics because of my background and familiarity with the subject, but I have no fear of engaging with other religion, should the opportunity arise.

As I child I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic school until I was 14 years old. I accepted most Catholic doctrine because I was raised to believe it, but as my teenage years passed I found myself embracing skepticism towards most of my views. By the time I was in my early 20’s I was pretty convinced that the supernatural wasn’t real and simply a persistent superstition.

Fast forward to the present day. I try to read, and listen to, the arguments put forward by believers, on a daily basis. My main focus is on epistemology, even though I have no formal training in the area. I’m genuinely curious if anybody has a reliable way to establish that their religious beliefs are actually true. At present I’m unconvinced that any religion is true, and I’m reasonably convinced that all religions are nonsense. I’ve also found every argument put forward for God, and for Christianity in particular, has some significant problem, usually based on epistemology, and that believers do not have sufficient warrant to justify their belief in God, a resurrection, or an afterlife.

I wanted to write down some of the problems I see with Christian beliefs, so I created this blog to house my essays, and other thoughts.  Thank you for coming here, and I hope that both you and I can learn something!  We should all care about what we can reliably determine to be true.

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