Life Without God

Some time ago, I saw a sign in front of a church which read “Living without God is like trying to dribble a football.” The message is curious, because I’ve tried dribbling a football, and I’ve had very little success but, as a secular humanist, I’ve really had no problem living without the Christian’s God for over 30 years. I find myself living a happy, and fulfilled, life without needing to believe that there’s some powerful personal agent guiding the world just for me. I really don’t need that to get through my days.

I’m also forced to wonder if the person who felt the need to write this sign even understands what it’s like to not embrace their god beliefs every single day? I find that it’s really not that hard. After all, prayer doesn’t really do much that cannot be accomplished via other means, like meditation, or exercise – nobody appears to be listening anyways. There’s no good reason to believe that any events are somehow being driven by divine beings, mostly because there’s no good reason to believe that any divine beings even exist. How would I even know if they did? The only purpose I can see for this sign is to try and attract other like minded people who also cannot see past their indoctrinated religious beliefs.

To me, as a non-believer, there is nothing about living life that is even remotely comparable to the difficulties of trying to dribble a football. Living without God is a bit like riding a bicycle – it’s difficult at first but becomes automatic over time. Eventually the religious rituals that you once held onto fade away. If you were indoctrinated to believe that God is going to send you to hell for not believing, when you can learn to see this as nothing but a tool of fear and manipulation the fear you had will start to melt away. You just go about your day and you don’t care that the people of your old religion think you’re wrong – after all, people of every other religion also think you’re wrong, so what’s a few more people to add to the list?

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