The Vaccine Holocaust?!

I’ve been thinking about how many anti-vaxxers are saying that the governments reaction to the pandemic is much like the holocaust. Let’s look at some of the analogies I’ve heard.

We’ve had lock-downs, where people told to stay home, and avoid socializing, in an effort to help stop the spread of a deadly virus. During the holocaust Anne Frank was forced to live in an attic, hiding from the Nazi’s because she was Jewish, was eventually discovered and sent to her death. It’s practically the same thing, right?

In much of Canada, in order to go into restaurants and bars, you need to present proof of vaccination. During the holocaust, Jews were forced to wear a yellow star with “Jude” written in it, so that everyone would know that they are the undesirables of society. The parallel is so remarkable, right?

Vaccine mandates are being considered (although mandatory vaccinations seems very unlikely) for those who have so far been holding out against getting vaccinated. Since these vaccines are considered “experimental” by those with no expertise in immunology, or even medicine, let alone medical research, isn’t it just like we’re being experimented on if we are forced to get these vaccines? During the holocaust, those in the concentration camps were sometimes subjected to cruel, and often unethical experiments, so clearly that analogy works well too, right?

In case you haven’t realized it yet, the questions in previous paragraphs were indented as sarcastic and rhetorical questions. Sadly, these seemingly absurd questions aren’t so absurd to some. As far as I can tell there really is no justification for claiming that government measures, intended to help control the spread of a deadly virus during a pandemic is like the holocaust, yet some people clearly believe this. Such arguments are a stretch to say the least, yet that doesn’t stop people from buying into the manufactured outrage, or trying to find ways to justify their mistaken ideas. It still floors me that trying to get people to do their part to help end a deadly pandemic is somehow akin to rounding up people of a specific ethnicity and killing them, but then again these are the same people who act as if vaccines are ineffective because they are not 100% effective. I can only shake my head at their stupidity.

Back in reality, so far the number of people who have been killed for their refusal to help end this pandemic: Zero. Number of people who are ever likely to be killed for refusing to help end this pandemic: Zero. Number of people who were rounded up and killed because of their ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, during the holocaust? Somewhere around 17 million. There really is no comparison. It’s an absurdity. Don’t compare current government responses in this pandemic with the holocaust.

So far a little over 5.2 million people have died from COVID, and that number will continue to rise. Those who are dying are almost all those who were not vaccinated. The covidiots will ignore this little fact and act as if a government working to protect its citizens (including those who cannot get vaccinated) is somehow the greatest tragedy in the world.

3 thoughts on “The Vaccine Holocaust?!”

  1. I’m sick of these people and I couldn’t care less what happens to them. And yes I know they can infect the the younger people who can’t get the vaccine, even if they wanted it until they are 18, I guess. But it’s likely if they are raised by people like these anti vaxers, who are usually trumpers, then they would not get the vaccine anyway. So my empathy is running low.

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  2. It’s just part of the “everything I don’t like is Hitler” mentality which is so prevalent these days. We’ve practically reached the point where people who object to late fees on overdue library books will compare the library to the Nazis.

    It doesn’t help that most of them are utterly ignorant of history and have only a vague sense of what the Nazis or the Holocaust were really about.

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