Would You Think I’m Insane?

Let’s play a little game, shall we? I’m going to describe a hypothetical situation, along with my response to it, and you’re going to tell me if you think my response is rational, or batshit fucking crazy, or somewhere in-between. Sounds fun, right? Let’s do it.

Here’s the situation: I find out one day that you’ve committed some action that has caused me some degree of harm. It can be whatever you want, stealing, killing one of my family, writing libelous claims about me in the local newspaper, whatever. Use your imagination.

Now in response to this harm against me I decide that I must have vengeance for this, but I am willing to forgive you for whatever awful thing you’ve done to me. But here’s the weird thing: In order to forgive you of whatever tragedy you’ve inflicted upon me, I need cut my arms with a sharp knife so as to draw blood. That blood will act as a payment for the crimes that you have committed against me. I will then forgive anyone who promises to love me and remember that I bled for the crimes that were committed against me.

Now tell me honestly here: If somebody came up to you on the street and told you this wouldn’t you think this person needs to be committed? I know I would. So why is it that when we get the comparable story of God and the demi-god sacrifice of Jesus that we aren’t completely horrified that this is what God needs in order to be able to forgive us? We should, quite rightly, think that God completely is off his rocker, yet Christians seem to think that the Christian salvation story is the greatest story ever told. So why is it weird when we do something completely messed up like inflict additional injury to ourselves for somebody else’s crime, yet “normal” when Christians offer it to us as the supposedly best method that God had available for salvation? This messed up shit is the best that a supposedly omnipotent and omniscient being could come up with?

I think one of the worst parts is that God is supposed to be all knowing and all powerful, so I fail to see how our “sin” could possible be able to hurt him in the first place. Frankly, the idea that our paltry “sins” should ever require God to sacrifice himself would seem to be a complete absurdity.

I don’t know about you, but I find the Christian salvation message to be so ghastly that I never want to be part of it. If Christianity is true then the Christian God must be insane and unworthy of worship.

12 thoughts on “Would You Think I’m Insane?”

  1. Even worse . . . this whole scenario was dreamt up to remove a curse, a curse that Yahweh is responsible for in the first place. Yahweh tells A & E that if they eat from that damned tree “surely they will die.” So, they eat from the tree and do they die? No, Yahweh invents this curse instead. And then he invents the idea that children inherit the curses laid upon their parents, forever and ever, Amen! Now, Yahweh invented that curse out of whole cloth (and do realize that Hell hadn’t yet been invented, so the curse just meant that when you died, you dead). Could Yahweh/Jesus not have just said “My bad, the curse is lifted. You are now all free to walk about the cabin.” But the curse wasn’t lifted, it was made conditional! You have to accept the position of slave to Jesus, the Master, in order for the curse to be lifted. This is better? Egad!

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    1. HA! I’d never considered the fact that hell hadn’t yet been invented. Of course, that’s a minor point to believers. Such minor “flaws” are simply inconsistent with their goal of converting sinners.

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  2. Someone once said — there’s a narrow line between sanity and insanity. So I guess it depends on which side of the line you choose to stand.


    1. Just saying, I choose unsanitary, which, according to Harald’s post on binary thinking, is not a valid choce. But I do not see sanity as a strait line, I see it as a horseshoe. One tip is sanity, the other is unsanity, and while they do not touch they are closer together than insanity, which occurs at the farthest bend in the horseshoe, equidistant from sanity and unsanity.
      So what is unsanity? It is looking for yourself at all the options, and conducting yourself in a way that feels correct and responsible to you, as representative of a living being. It is not possible for everyone to be sane (knowing what is the right way to live) so why bother trying. Decide what is right for yourself, and live by your own rules for yourself.
      (I actually used to have a much better definition, but I can’t find it in my memory anymore. Maybe it still exists, under unsanity I think, in the Urban Dictionary.)


      1. I believe ‘the Word became flesh’ is the reason for blood; that the blood of God–the life of God– redeemed our race, AND made possible for his blood to flow through my veins. ‘Life is in the blood.’ If you can hear it.


  3. Please feel free to delete this comment, Harald, after you read it. It is my personal assessment of your blog after a small sample. I find your writing to be more anti-theist than pro-atheist. I understand, getting out of religion leaves a lot of bad tastes in your mouth, a lot of things and ideas you want to exorcise from your being. But for me, that is a negative way to live. Like I said, my sample was small, and probably I missed the affirmative side of your blog, but that is where my own sentiments lie.
    This is not a condemnation of you or your writing, please do not think that. It is just saying that at this time it is not for me. I could have just disappeared from your blog without leaving another comment, but that is not me. I prefer to let people know the reasons for my choices. I came, I saw, and I will not be back for awhile. But at least I tried.

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    1. I got out of religion over 30 years ago when I had just become a teenager. I don’t hate my former religion, but I find it very confusing. The truth is I simply don’t understand what’s so (pardon the pun) god damn compelling about Christianity (or any other of the major world religions.) The more I look at what they tend to believe the more it looks like gibberish that just gives them some common identity.

      Thank you for stopping by and proving your feedback. I do appreciate it, even if to say that it’s not your cup of tea.


      1. The confusing part for me is not that people find it compelling, most of them were forced to believe as children, by adults they trusted not to lie to them. What confuses me is that when they learn Santa is not real they don’t question the existence of some even older fella named God.

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