God and the Damned

If what many Christians tell me is true then one day we find many humans in hell being tormented as they did not believe in Jesus at the moment before they died. Of course, it’s always possible that God reaches out them just before they die and gives them what they need to become Christians, but that only begs me to ask: Why not provide this earlier? Why wait until the last possible moment?

And because of this we are left with a bit of a conundrum. If God is all knowing then it is assured that God knows about the inevitably wailing and gnashing of teeth that the damned are sure to make. If God is all loving then God will want to save them from this eternal fate of agony and torment. If God is all powerful then God could surely break them out of hell and make sure that they are not tormented. So why even have a hell in the first place?

I think the reality is that when we die that’s it – once the brain is dead there is no more consciousness. I also believe that hell is only a device to scare people into continued belief, even if they find the evidence lacking. While I was never scared of hell, I know that many ex-Christians did (and still do) fear this.

If Christianity is true then Jesus is a sadistic monster and simply cannot be the kind of being that we are told that he is. Any being who would allow anyone to be tormented eternally for not believing[1] simply is not worth worshiping in the first place. Such a being is incompatible with the idea of hell.

[1] I know, Christians say that we’re sinners and that is the reason we are sent to hell, but that’s nonsense given that the most basic criteria for salvation (at least according to protestants) is whether you believed in Jesus.

3 thoughts on “God and the Damned”

  1. You asked: So why even have a hell in the first place? There isn’t one. I did considerable research for my book on this topic, and if you look closely at the scriptures related to the topic, it becomes obvious it’s simply a figment of someone’s imagination to “scare sinners.”

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  2. The Mormon solution to this problem always makes me laugh. For them, someone can convert after they die, but only if someone on earth does a baptism for them. So that makes me imagine the Mormon god sitting around saying “Well, I’d like to go ahead and invite you up into heaven, but I have to wait until someone takes a bath in your name. I can’t do anything until then.”

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