Jesus: The Imaginary Cure for an Imaginary Sickness

In order to become a Christian one should first be convinced that that they have been “born sick and commanded to be well”, as the late Christopher Hitchens quipped. The sickness in this case is “sin”, that imaginary disease which Christianity claims we are all infected with, where it is claimed the only cure for this sickness is to accept Jesus as your savior. One small problem remains: Accepting Jesus doesn’t seem to do anything to cure the sickness.

If accepting Jesus actually cured you of “sin” we should expect to find that Christians are generally better human beings than every of every other religion. They should act better than everyone else if they’re actually cure, tet this would seem to be far from the truth.

Looking over history, how many Catholic priests have been sheltered by their criminal organization for their molestation of children, and still have yet to face any kind of consequences for the harm they’ve wrought? Why has the Catholic Church failed to accept its role in genocide, particularly in the Indian Residential Schools of Canada? Why are so many Protestant Christians some of the most bigoted people you can find on the planet, with their hatred of homosexuals, their historical hatred towards non-whites. Even going as far back as the Christian colonization of the Americas, and the evil that was perpetrated in the name of Christianity. Look at the sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. What about the suffering created by Mother Theresa’s “Little Sisters of the Poor” in India.

I think one thing is abundantly clear: There does not seem to be any significant difference between those who claim to be Christians and those who do not. So if Jesus is the cure for something, what is Jesus actually curing? If no discernible difference can be detected is there really any difference?

When one takes a step back, and looks at Christianity like it looks at all other religious ideas, it starts to become clear that this notion that we are sinners is really just an attempt to convince you that you’re broken and that somebody else has the cure for you. Like the snake-oil salesmen of the past, Christianity convinces people that their ideas somehow cure you, even though you have to wait until you’re dead in order to validate the claim. Those selling Christianity appear to be after two main things: Your wallet or a form of popularity validation of their beliefs.

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