Horrible Attitudes About Sex

I found this link on a site called “Biblical Sexology.” I’m pretty well convinced that it’s not a satire site, and that these are actual attitudes of the author.

Frankly, I don’t know what to say about these unhealthy attitudes regarding sex, and how women tend to be viewed within conservative Christianity. Reading this post left me feeling sorry for the women who are trapped in these kinds of subservient relationships, and angry that people still believe that women are effectively sex objects for their husbands.

The simple reality is that no woman is ever be required to submit sexually to anyone, including her husband, and should never feel obligated to consent to sex she does not want to have. Her body is her own, should be treated as inviolable. Everyone ultimately has the final say on what happens to their body, who is allowed to use it, and when. It is these kinds of unhealthy attitudes that contribute to the problem of marital rape, and why marital rape isn’t taken as seriously as it should be.

To any woman in such a relationship: Know that your life is not defined by your husband, and you are not required to have sex when you do not want to. Nobody should be treated as a sex slave, and you do not have to live to serve your husband. There are ways to escape this kind of abuse (sexual abuse doesn’t have to leave physical marks) and you do not need to tolerate it.

To any Christian man who believes that their wife is there to serve their sexual needs: You’re a piece of shit and undeserving of any woman! Grow the fuck up and learn to treat women as human beings with their own desires and feelings, rather than as a piece of meat for your pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Horrible Attitudes About Sex”

  1. Of course I totally agree with you … but convincing the “religious” is next to impossible. In some denominations, the man would be shamed if he didn’t “act the part” by bringing his wife into total subservience. It’s sick. And sickening.

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    1. As long as they are convinced that their book was written by God himself, and that their interpretation is guided by the Holy Spook, they’ll find whatever they want to find. Confirmation bias is definitely a problem there.

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