COVID-19, a Hypothetical, and a Rant

I see a lot of people on the internet making claims about the survival rate of COVID-19, often claiming that it’s 99% or higher, and that we are therefore taking COVID way too seriously, that there’s no reason to get ourselves injected with the COVID vaccine, or that they’ll never wear a mask to help reduce transmission. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the internet it’s that there’s no shortage of ignorant people who spout off alternate facts.

For the moment I’m going to assume that the 99% survival rate is factual, and that there is a strict binary dichotomy of those who are infected: Either they die or they completely recover with no ill effects whatsoever.

Let’s imagine a standard 747 jetliner, that is able to carry 366 people. But this is no ordinary jetliner, rather this one is powered by human deaths, and every trip 1% of the passengers are violently thrown off at 30,000 feet (without a parachute of course), so that they can splash onto the ground horrifically.

Here’s the hypothetical question: Would you be willing to fly on one of these jets, for free (or perhaps for an extremely low cost)? Are you willing to be sacrificed to the ground so that you have a chance at a low cost flight, or put another way, are you willing to allow somebody else to be sacrificed horrifically so that you can get a cheap flight? I doubt that I would.

COVID is actually probably worse than the hypothetical jet in my scenario. We know that the case fatality rate from COVID is pretty consistently between 1-3% (so 1% is probably the very low end of the fatality rate), and we also know that some number of people end up with severe complications from the disease, including possible hospitalization, lung scarring, stroke, organ damage, chronic fatigue, blood clots, brain fog, and myopathy. Even if this is another 2-3%, that adds a serious degree of risk to infection. These complications are no laughing matter, and even if you don’t die you may be dealing with the consequences of your infection for long time to come.

Fortunately, we may have a way to significantly reduce all the risks associated with COVID, and it comes in the form of vaccines. While there are certainly risks associated with all vaccines, the small risk of complications from a vaccine would seem to vastly outweigh the risks of an unvaccinated infection from COVID. With the rise of new variants the young and otherwise healthy are the ones who are clogging up the medical system with new infections.

Please, my dear readers, I implore all of you to get vaccinated as soon as you can, if not only to protect yourself but to help protect those around you. Herd immunity from this virus is the only way we’re going to return to normal, and getting vaccinated is the easiest path to achieve that herd immunity.

Vaccine hesitancy really shouldn’t be a thing, but alas, we live in a world where people like Jenny McCarthy makes money selling people fear of well established science. And that’s what makes some of this so sad. People will end up infected, and dying, because they didn’t want to be vaccinated when the overwhelming evidence shows that vaccines work!

7 thoughts on “COVID-19, a Hypothetical, and a Rant”

  1. I just took my youngest daughter for her second shot this morning. That makes it full vaccination for the whole family! In two weeks we should have all reached max immunity, and I think we’ll go out to eat to celebrate.

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  2. Let’s see, a 99% survival rate equals more than 3 million dead Americans. That’s a relief, for a minute there I thought something serious might be happening.

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