On the Historicity of the Resurrection

When I listen to Christian apologists I often hear that there is very good evidence in favor of the historicity of the resurrection. I don’t think this claim is true, and don’t think that secular historians generally support the idea of Jesus’ resurrection for secular reasons.

So let me ask this simple question. If the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection is so good, can anyone name me at least a dozen historians, who do not come from a faith tradition that already affirms the resurrection, but agree that there is a very strong secular case for Jesus rising from the dead?

Furthermore, I’d be curious if somebody could name me some actual secular historians who came to believe that Jesus rose from the dead based solely on the historical evidence for the claim. It would seem to me that if this claim about the historicity of the resurrection were true then we should see all kinds of professional historians coming to believe that Jesus rose from the dead from purely secular historical reasons. Yet this doesn’t really seem to materialize. So either the evidence isn’t as good as they claim, or secular historians are already committed to a position against the resurrection. I would tend to think the former is stronger than the latter.

So I’m forced to ask: Is the historical evidence for the resurrection really as good as Christian apologists like to claim?

3 thoughts on “On the Historicity of the Resurrection”

  1. Oh good grief, Herald! Haven’t you figured it out by now? It’s all about FAITH! Not evidence! Evidence is for the infidels that doubt the tremendous, overwhelming, fantastic, extraordinary powers of Gawd!

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    1. It’s all about belief. Belief so that you become a member of the group. Religious apologetics is all about attempting to create a defense that sounds reasonable, at least until you start looking under the covers, or want to send the car to your own mechanic for an examination.

      If it wasn’t for indoctrination, and society pressures, we’d probably dismiss the resurrection out of hand just like most of us dismiss that Muhammad split the moon in half, or that Sathya Sai Baba had mystical healing powers.

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