If Theology Was Objective

If theology was an objective field of study, oh how the world would be different than it is today. Instead it appears to be a largely a speculative endeavor where theologians appear to find justification for the religious beliefs they already hold.

If theology was objective we wouldn’t have so many widely divergent conclusions about the nature of the divine. Instead we find ourselves in a world where every different theological tradition competes against every other and none show themselves to be significantly superior to any other. With all of the mutually incompatible theologies of the world it appears that we have no objective way to determine which one (assuming that at least one of them) is correct.

Is there one only god? Are there many gods? Do any gods still exist? Is the will of the divine accessible to humans? Is there any afterlife? All of these are questions that various theology claims to have answers for, but what answers you get seems to be completely dependent on the religious traditions, and assumptions, that theology starts with.

Science, being able to deal with objective matters about causal relationships, does a very good job of doing what it claims it does. Theology, on the other hand, cannot show any fruit from its work. If theology has some semblance of objectivity behind it we should expect, like science, that once a true discovery is made then theologians of competing views would gradually adopt that finding. I don’t think we see this, as each major religion has its own mutually incompatible theology.

Theology is a stagnant field that does not produce objectively true findings. While the ideas may give comfort to people, there is no good reason to believe that theological ideas are true in any meaningful sense. Theology belongs in the dustbin of human history, along with other speculative fields of human thought.

3 thoughts on “If Theology Was Objective”

  1. I’ve sometimes told theists that they can come talk to me when theology becomes a lab science. Or when they’ve invented a “theometer” so that we could actually measure claims of the divine.

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