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The Catholic Church and Same-Sex Unions

So I read today that the Vatican has made a pronouncement that it will not allow priests to bless same-sex unions, calling homosexuality a “sin.”

The nonsense idea that homosexuality is a sin, along with its positions on abortion, contraception, and other issues, are some of the main reasons I stopped being a Catholic. I simply found that the church was too far out of touch with reality on important issues, and that I could not trust them about what constituted sin. They were ignorant old men who saw the world through the broken lens of tradition.

Since the whole coverup about child abusing priests has come to light decades ago, I really don’t understand how anybody can honestly come out and call themselves a Catholic. To knowingly support a church that has been unrepentant about the abuse of so many is tantamount to saying “I don’t care, I will support this organization no matter what they do.” Where have we seen those attitudes before?

While I can say that the stodgy, and very conservative, moral positions of the Catholic church drove me away from them, I don’t know how long I would have continued to believe had the Catholic Church been held more reasonable social positions. Their position may have only hastened my path towards skepticism.

As far as I’m concerned, homosexuality, along with any immutable attribute of oneself, cannot be a sin. Any God that would create homosexuals (being homosexual is not a choice), and demand that they shut themselves off from loving consensual relationships, is not a God that is worthy of any worship and can be rightly called an ass.

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