Why Trump Must Be Convicted

During the impeachment trial it has been suggested that Democrats are afraid of Donald Trump running again in 2024, and winning the Presidency. While that notion does scare me (I’m not sure that the republic would survive a second Trump term), I’m immediately more concerned about what would happen if Trump loses again in 2024.

Democracy is a fragile thing, and it only takes one failure for it to be gone forever. Those who stand on the side of protecting democracy have to do so 100% of the time. If they ever fail, and democracy should fall, we may end up in a place where it never comes back.

Sure, January 6th was a colossally screwed up coup attempt by Trump supporters, but who’s to say that they would screw up so badly the next time. What if the next time they manage to get into the chambers of the Senate, or House of Representatives? Who would they kill? How many would they kill? Would we be able to restore what we currently have?

The dangers of Donald Trump losing again, telling his supporters that he lost because of massive election fraud, and fomenting another uprising, is a scary thought. The fact that he has done it once with his lies should be enough to warn every single senator that this is a risk should he ever run again. If you’re in Congress come January 2025, regardless of the side you’re on, there is a risk that you may die at the hands of Trump supporters should he run, and lose, in the next Presidential election. Are you prepared to risk your life, and the lives of your fellow members of Congress?

This has nothing to do with partisanship. This is about asking the question “how many times does a person need to demonstrate that they cannot be trusted before you’re willing to put a stop to their reckless behavior?” Is it really worth the risk to democracy itself to let him go?

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