Turning Things Around

I have said, numerous times, on this blog that there are three things I would have to accept as true in order to believe that Christianity, the religion I was raised in and the dominant religion of North America, is true. All one has to do is establish that the following are true, or at least very likely to be true:

  1. Jesus is God
  2. There is an afterlife
  3. What I believe about Jesus has a significant impact on my afterlife

But I want to shift things around a little bit. To Christian believers, I have two serious questions that I hope somebody can answer, because you, at least presumably, already accept the three statements above as true:

  1. What reliable methodology did you use to determine that the those three critical propositions are actually true?
  2. What would it take to change your mind about those three claims?

Here are some things to think about while you answer these two important questions:

  • Was objective evidence the primary reason why you accepted those claims, or was learning about Jesus at your mama’s knee – your childhood indoctrination into Christianity – a primary reason for your belief?
  • Do you treat the status of your holy book like you treat the status of other holy books from other religions?
  • Do you give particular deference to the New Testament, and the claims within it? If so, are you aware that most scholars don’t actually know who wrote most of the New Testament, that only seven of the letters of Paul are considered authentic, and that the gospels were written at least 30-40 years after the events in question by unknown authors?
  • Have you ever honestly looked at the claims of your religion as if you were an outsider, and hadn’t been raised to believe them? Have you treated the claims about Jesus like you would treat the claims about Krishna?

Be honest with yourself Christians. What is the reason that you came to accept Jesus into your life? Is it because the evidence lead you there, or because of some other reason?

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