Quote Examination

While reading a tribute to conservative Calvinist Christian Steve Hays over on Triablogue, I came across the following quotation that I want to examine closer.

“For Christians, a fatal disease is a gift. A friend. A doorknob out of this world into a better world. What is dreadful is not the prospect of death, but a world without a doorknob.”

I think this sums up that which is the death cult of Christianity. I think that too many Christians see death as a blessing, but they may in fact be walking through a doorway into a world that one cannot escape.  Even if there is an afterlife, I think you’d do well to know what you’re getting into before you leap face first. The Christian afterlife may be better, but it may also be infinitely worse. Is it not ironic that the world they wish for after death my in fact be one without a doorknob?

It is my position that life without any possibility of death would be a nightmare for beings like us. While I may enjoy the prospect of getting to live for a million years, I cannot imagine the horror of knowing that I can never escape my experiences. No matter how long you’ve lived you’ve barely had a taste of how much time you’re going to have to endure.

Just think about something that is pleasant at first, but becomes boring over time. Everything we experience is like that. Remember how good your first experience of something was, and how after many times it was no longer exciting. It may still be good, but it’s no longer exciting. Do you really believe that heaven is going to be an eternity of new, and exciting, experiences? I doubt it.

I don’t think most people even think about what kind of horror it may be to have to deal with eternal life. I think that life is a blessing because it is finite, and that we have the opportunity to experience it. We should be glad for whatever time we get, and work to make the most of it, as there are billions of other sentient beings that we have to share this life, and this world, with.

I want you to ask yourself these two questions, and think about them seriously:

1. If you knew that you were going to die next week, what would you do with the time you have left? Would you be more apt to do things you consider important?
2. If you knew that you had an eternity of life ahead of you, how would you motivate yourself to do anything? How does something become important when you have a literal forever to do it?

I think that once you start to understand the power of these kinds of questions you may start to see why I value my life in this world, and why an eternal life may not be all that you think it is. I certainly am not interested in it.

6 thoughts on “Quote Examination”

  1. You had no choice with regards existing in this dimension… Why think you have a choice concerning an higher dimension outside time?


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