Response to a Fundamentalist Christian Apologist

“I have published dozens of articles and two books on the scientific evidence for a universe that exists by intelligence. I would recommend that you read them but I have noticed that when I have suggested this in the past, you have ignored my encouragement.”  — Robert Clifton Robinson, in his reply comment to me in his post Slavery Can Be A Really Good Thing.

Frankly, Mr Christian apologist, the fact that you’ve written two books (anybody can write a book and get it published), and dozens of articles (I have a blog too), on the “scientific evidence for a universe that exists by intelligence”, is of little concern to me. I believe you lead the evidence to your preferred conclusion, rather than following it, as good scientists do. As yet there is no scientific consensus about what you claim, and scientists have yet to come out to say that the evidence tells us that any gods exist, or that the universe is the result of some supernatural intelligence.  Maybe they will one day, but they have not yet.

I suspect I know what you’ll say about the fact that scientists haven’t come out and admitted that the evidence doesn’t lead to your conclusion:  That the scientists are all atheists, and they’d rather sin than acknowledge a creator.  I’ve heard this too many times from fundamentalist Christians.

But please tell me how many of these articles have you submitted for peer review to scientists? How many of these articles have been published in credible, peer reviewed, journals?  For the record, I’m not talking about meaningless creationist journals like “Answers Research Journal“, or predatory pay-to-publish journals where anyone can publish their nonsense for a between $200 to $2000.  What have actual scientists said about your so-called articles?  If you ever submitted them, I’m willing to bet that they’d end up in the bin.

I’m also curious, Christian apologists, what credentials you have in the area of science.  You claim you’re using scientific evidence to establish that the universe required an intelligent creator, but I’m willing to bet that you’ve had very little, if any, scientific training.  What degrees have you earned, in what fields, and from what accredited learning institutions?  How many years have you worked in the field of science that you think you have enough background to even sit at the same table as scientists, or even try to contribute to science?  Looking at your “about” page, I see nothing about any of your credentials, even as a theologian.

So please tell me why I, or anybody else, should invest any time to consider your “scientific evidence” when you are almost certainly not an expert in the subject, or demonstrated yourself to other experts?

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