What Would Convince Me That Christianity Is True?

This is probably both the hardest, and easiest, questions for any atheist to answer.  Let me try to explain.

Ultimately, we would need a reliable method of investigation that could establish that any gods exist, and that your particular God, namely Jesus, is what you claim.  This methodology would need to show that this same Jesus lived about two millennia ago as described by your holy book, who is not only the creative force behind the universe, but is also the Lord and Master of the universe.  I’m at a loss, at the moment, to even offer up a suggestion for what this methodology could be.  If such a methodology is ever invented, and can establish your supernatural claims, you could convince me.  Short of that, I doubt I can be convinced.

Christians love to point to the fact that we have lots of people who claim (and went to their deaths claiming) that Jesus was resurrected from the dead, thereby proving that he was God.  The problem is that this is simply a non-sequitur.  Showing that Jesus rose from the dead does nothing to establish the truth of many of the claims of Christianity, namely that there is an afterlife, and that how we spend that afterlife depends on what we believe(d) about Jesus’ divinity and our “sins.”

If you believe you have a methodology that can establish the truth of Christianity I would suggest that you submit it for peer review, and let people who have the expertise evaluate your claim.  When you can show that Christianity is true, or at least very likely to be true, I’m willing to accept that Christianity is true, but not one moment before then.

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